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Connection Options

There are three different connection options for the digital financial service providers to connect to the WynePay platform.

Payment Manager

Mojaloop SDK


1. Payment Manager

  • Mojaloop open-source product

  • Comes with everything that the Mojaloop SDK provides but includes additional functionality

  • Provides functionality to simplify API-level integration and onboarding, and facilitate the day-to-day running of the service (business operations and technical operations)

2. Mojaloop SDK

  • Mojaloop open-source component

  • Takes complexity out of the security aspect of connectivity and exposes a simplified synchronous version of the asynchronous Mojaloop API

  • Provides functionality to facilitate API-level integration and onboarding

3. Bespoke

  • Asynchronous Mojaloop API

  • Other connection options with more complex integration layer and the requirement to implement all security protocols

  • Provides functionality for integration / onboarding

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