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Interoperable Real-time Payment Switch for MFIs and their Clients

Make repayments to your MFI anytime anywhere at its ease


A participant-governed, shared and open platform for financial institutions to transact with each other more easily and cost effectively

A platform shared by microfinance institutions (MFIs), mobile wallets and banks 


Our use cases focus on payments that most effectively serve the underbanked. 

WynePay aims to include low-income Myanmar citizens in the digital economy by transforming Myanmar MFIs into digital financial institutions through industry-wide projects.

Problems we solve


Expensive to integrate


Expensive to operate


Leaving out some financial institutions

Digitization through bilateral is too complex with150+ MFIs, 15+ MFSs, and 30+ banks.

Use Cases

Digital Loan Repayment

Repayment against a loan by a customer to the lending MFI.

Digital Loan Disbursement

Disbursal of a loan by an MFI to a customer using two mechanisms: disbursal to a mobile money wallet, and disbursal via an OTC transaction at an agent.

Electronic Cash Transfer (ECT)

Electronic Cash Transfer (ECT) from the Government or an NGO to a list of beneficiaries. These beneficiaries may or not be customers of MFIs.

Learn more about the use cases here.

Features and Functionality


Make repayments to the MFIs despite the different mobile wallets 

Open Platform

Need no other additional work from other participants


Make transactions without any delay


Enable decision making and set rules among the participants 


a very first interoperable real-time payment switch platform in Myanmar

a first ever initiative of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor (FSP) program

an infinite passion for financial inclusion


WynePay is trusted by leading digital financial service providers in Myanmar.

Who we are working with?