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Membership Benefits

Our story starts with you. WynePay is established to drive financial inclusion by providing low-cost rails to connect the financial institutions that serve Myanmar’s financially excluded populations.


For Users

WynePay's use cases focus on payments that most effectively serve the underbanked. 

Lower cost

WynePay will help the end users of MFIs to make repayments at a lower cost.

Greater access to cash-in/out points

End users will be able to access the agents which are nearest to them.

Greater choice of financial provider

End users will have a variety of choices for the payment system.


For Mobile Financial Services

WynePay enables mobile financial services to serve more customers and make more transactions by widening the industry.

Development of digital ecosystem

WynePay will enable a digital ecosystem in the MFI industry fostering a frictionless payment system.

Reduced cost through centralized functions

Centralizing functions such as fraud management, settlements and reconciliation for a variety of DFSPs will reduce costs, benefiting everyone in the industry.

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For Microfinance Institutions

WynePay makes the operation of MFIs more efficient by making it easy to reach out to borrowers.

Access to multiple payment channels with one integration

One integration gains you access to all connected Mobile Financial Services.

Increased efficiency from digitization

Internal operations will become more efficient and less time-consuming. 

Reduced cost of integration, reconciliation, settlement & fraud management

Collective action provides better and lower cost services.

Improved technology choice

The advanced technology aims to provide additional use cases in the future.


For Regulators

MMD will become a complementary service to existing CBM payment projects, which the regulators have waited for long.

Increased financial inclusion through greater reach and innovation

WynePay will bring financial inclusion by bringing the unbanked population into the payment system.

Better visibility into transactions

Move towards digital economy

Real-time interoperable payment system will support the industry’s growth moving towards the digital economy.

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