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What is WynePay?

WynePay is a participant-governed, shared and open platform for financial institutions to transact with each other more easily and cost effectively. Any MFIs and mobile wallets connected to the WynePay can make transaction among them without the need of any other negotiations or integrations.

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Myanmar’s microfinance institutions (MFIs) serve more than 5 million people across Myanmar.

MMD aims to solve the challenges that MFIs and their customers face due to the variety of digital financial services.

Who Can Use WynePay?

Every MFI, mobile wallet, and end clients of MFIs can use WynePay to enable an efficient payment system within the MFI industry.

Why use WynePay?

Include different financial service providers

Lower cost

Support local


Features and Functionality

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Real-time Payments (RTP)  with Instant Clearing

You can disburse loans or make repayments anytime without any delay.

Use Cases

Loan Disbursement

Disbursal of a loan by an MFI to a customer using two mechanisms: disbursal to a mobile money wallet, and disbursal via an OTC transaction at an agent.


Repayment against a loan by a customer to the lending MFI.


Electronic Cash Transfer (ECT)

Electronic Cash Transfer (ECT) from the Government or an NGO to a list of beneficiaries. These beneficiaries may or not be customers of MFIs.

Learn more about the use cases here.

Participation and Governance


Consist of ThitsaWorks, ModusBox and UNCDF

Lead scheme and set agenda for decision making

Scheme Council

Consists of Digital Financial Service Providers (DFSP) who represent the scheme and approve/reject decisions

Criteria: Integrate with WynePay UAT environment

Scheme Advisory

Consists of Digital Financial Service Providers (DFSP) who provide input into key decisions (includes tech. vendors as well)

Criteria: Sign letter of intent to participate in WynePay

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