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Use Cases

WynePay will start with a digital loan repayment use case when it first goes live, followed by digital loan disbursements, and electronic cash transfers later.

Loan Repayment

Use Case #1
MFI Client
Agent or Wallet
MFI System
  • MFI client can use any connected agent or wallet to enter account id.

  • Information on loan is immediately returned for verification.

  • Payment is immediately cleared with notifications to user.

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Loan Disbursement

Use Case #2
Loan Officer
MFI System
MFI Client
  • MFI Loan Officer initiates a disbursement to a registered client.

  • MFI System routes request through WynePay which looks up the user.

  • Payment is routed to the wallet and immediately cleared.

Electronic Cash Transfers (ECT)

Use Case #3
Sender's Bank
Beneficiary ID System
MFI, Waller, Bank
  • Sending institution initiates a disbursement through their bank.

  • Beneficiaries account details are looked up through the WynePay system.

  • Payment is routed to their pre-selected preferred account.


Future Use Cases

Building a path to industry digitization use case at a time

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